Virat Kohli Net Worth

This article aims at helping the readers understand the concept of Virat Kohli Net Worth. It is a question many of us ask, how much does one earn after being in the List of Highest Paid Cricket Players. Today, cricket has achieved worldwide recognition and is enjoyed by people from different age groups, communities and of all ages. Cricket has become a source of livelihood for many people in India as well as abroad.

Virat Kohli Net Worth stands at an estimated value of Rs 690 Crore (Rs 687 Crore in 2120). Virat Kohli, who is presently the core ingredient of Team India, is rated first in the list of highest paid cricketers in India. As a leading cricketer, he is also the backbone of this stuttering team India. His average performance has been commendable in the field as well as on the field discussions during his career. As a leading cricketer, he has bagged endorsements worth billions of dollars.

Kohli’s salary is not the only thing counted in calculating the Virat Kohli net worth figure. Other factors like the endorsements, the jersey number, and even the personal appeal count. The earnings of Kohli and his teammates are also a major determinant factor while deciding the salary figure. Today, it is considered an honor for a sportsman to be given the salary figure of 25 million per annum.

The salary given to Virat Kohli is based on the net worth of his brand, Cricbuzz, which he has managed to sell through various sales tours in Asia and England. Cricbuzz was initially launched as a limited series of shoes manufactured by Kohli himself with huge investment from his company Cricbuzz Limited. Initially, Kohli was not satisfied with the earnings that he was making with the brand and hence he had to look for other avenues for earning money. It was then, Kohli decided to get into business for himself and started selling Cricbuzz, initially as a brand in the market.

Today, the salary of Virat Kohli runs to about 25 million Rupees per annum, as compared to the revenue earning capacity of an average cricketer in the IPL league. Many have questioned the valuation of a batsmen in the IPL for earning such high salaries, but Kohli himself believes that the salary is justified. “My salary is just the same as what my players earn, so I guess IPL can’t be that bad. Besides, I am playing against the best cricketers in the world, so why should I worry about the valuation of my salary?”

The limited run of Virat Kohli has also been questioned by many. However, he has always remained focused on his goal of becoming the best player in the IPL. “IPL is just a part of my career, I am here to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore and win the toss for the championship,” he has maintained. One of the reasons why Kohli has become the most valuable player for the Hyderabad Royal Challengers is because of his consistent bowling action, which has helped his team win several matches. Kohli is considered as one of the best batsmen in the league and is looking forward to a successful IPL season.

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